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5and3: How much does a bespoke website cost?

Bespoke responsive web design from…


Website experiences that deliver results

Bespoke websites add value to your business and deliver results. Results? Leads and sales and an increase in revenue for your business, at a fraction of the cost of your sales team.

A results-driven website is an investment and at 5and3 we plan, design, build, develop and host award-winning bespoke website experiences for today's devices that deliver a return on investment and more.

Not only that, but we can provide regular tracking and reports on the performance and value of your website and its pages. Focussing on traffic, bounce rate, visitor retention and importantly, conversions are our top priority when designing and developing bespoke websites. Discover more

5and3 Increase websites lead and sales

Lead  generating website design for Chartered Surveyors Arnold &

Proven experience

Our website pricing is reflected by our team's proven experience to deliver solutions and ROI. The minimum time that our website team requires to deliver you a bespoke website is 64 hours (£5760.00). Projects typically take around 3-4 weeks to complete from consultation to design, development to deployment, as an example.

This starting price is based on the assumption that a brand and style guide is already in place and timescale would be adjusted to accommodate additional requirements: size and complexity, technology, content creation, video & photography as well as additional eCommerce and/or third-party integration, content management and specific requests for highly secure areas.

Business understanding

Through consultation and a tailored and hands-on approach, we ensure that we form long-term relationships with our customers as we believe that understanding your brand and business is crucial to delivering both immediate and long-term success.

Our portfolio, proven track record and award-winning solutions show that successful and exciting results will be achieved for you and your business with the right investment.

Discover more, see our website portfolio

Our example
bespoke website costs

Tailored to your investment budget and online sales potential


brochure website
from £5760

Minimum of 64hrs required

Content and sitemap consultation
Design and technology consultation
Bespoke responsive design concepts
Design of responsive website pages
Intelligent front-end code
Back-end programming and integration
Content entry and image optimisation
Browser, functionality and user acceptance testing
Setup live environment and deploy


eCommmerce store
from £12240

Minimum of 128hrs required

Content and sitemap consultation
Design and technology consultation
Bespoke responsive design concepts
Design of responsive website pages
Intelligent front-end code
Back-end programming
Content entry and image optimisation
Content management interfacing
Client content management system
Third party payment integration (Sagepay, Paypal, Realex)
Product and stock management
Browser, functionality, payment and user acceptance testing
Setup live environment and deploy


Integrated websites
from £15360

Minimum of 192hrs required

Interface and integrate with your internal/external business systems
Processes and systems consultation
Content and sitemap consultation
Design and technology consultation
Bespoke responsive design concepts
Design of responsive website pages
Intelligent front-end code
Back-end programming
Full third-party integration
Browser, functionality and user acceptance testing
Setup live environment and launch

hosting costs

Tailored to your bespoke website requirements

Small website hosting
from £20 per month

Subject to resource requirements

1 year hosting of website
30mins hosting support per month
Access to 5and3’s web font library
Up to 6 email addresses

eCommerce hosting
from £40 per month

Subject to resource requirements

1 year hosting of website
30mins hosting support per month
Access to 5and3’s web font library
Up to 6 email addresses

Large website hosting
from £30 per month

Subject to resource requirements

1 year hosting of website
30mins hosting support per month
Access to 5and3’s web font library
Up to 6 email addresses

A website is an extension of your sales team

Your website and brand is your online sales tool

Not convinced about the cost of a bespoke website?

Is the cost too expensive for you, are you worried about the return on investment? Let us paint a picture for you…

Think of your website as an extension to your sales team, it will provide you with pre-qualified leads and sales, at a fraction of the cost of a new sales team members salary!

results driven solutions with flexible investment plans

The initial outlay and ongoing investment of a website really do depend upon a number of criteria as we’ve discovered above.

As with anything that is bespoke, the objective is to provide a tailored solution to your requirements, that meets your audience's expectations within the budget that you have allocated. Your website budget should take into consideration the potential online sales and leads that it can generate for your business. How many leads/sales will it take to pay back your investment? How will it help the growth of your business?

We can help you with your investment budget decision.

Prior to any quotation that we provide, an initial consultation is an absolute must. In fact, we won’t give you a final price until we’ve discussed your content, design, technology and management requirements. Following this no-cost website consultation, we’ll work out a price and send you our proposal.

If you decide to work with us, and we hope you do, in creating your new or revamped award-winning online presence, we will continue to work with you moving forward, to get the most out of your website investment.

Launching your website is just the beginning of your online marketing

Once launched, your website isn’t finished, it’s just the beginning of an exciting journey. For a website to be successful requires ongoing analysis, maintenance, performance enhancements and updates to ensure that it is running effectively and performing to its full potential.

“Your website is much like an F1 car…”

Like an F1 car is tweaked and improved based on real data that is fed back to the designers and engineers. Web agencies like us are all these things; data analysts, designers, mechanics and engineers as well as the driver who continues to push the vehicle to its maximum potential.

We work intelligently and cohesively to gather data using our SEO tools, making informed decisions of how best to improve your website to increase leads and sales even further.

Are there cheaper website alternatives?

Yes, there is always a cheaper solution! You can obtain a free template website from Wordpress or Wix or indeed, pay for a low-cost template website for your business.

They all work, but when creating your own website or commissioning someone to do it for you using any of these options, please take into consideration some important aspects of good website design:

Responsive website design


Search Engines

Will your business website be found in search engines such as Google and Bing?

Of course, it can be found if your customers know your name or URL (website address) but this is not the point.

Your business products or services keywords need to be found easily for potential customers who are searching for them.

For this to happen you need to have important elements in place like semantic markup, quality content, meta information, image optimisation, captivating design and intelligent usability: accompanied by easy to use management facilities and user tracking to make improvements to the site based on real user data moving forward.

Do free or low-cost template websites cover these points and provide a quality solution? Not always.


Design & usability

Once found, the design of your website should be on brand and easy to use.

A free or template website will not be tailored to your brand or business and the design of such will look like thousands of websites already out there. Your competitors may just be using a similar template to yours!

The usability of your website should be clear, simple and quick with clear user intent on all devices. Products, services and contact information will need to be obvious and legible to the user within 2 seconds of them landing on the page. All other content should be at most two or three clicks away from wherever they are on the website.

To achieve a future-proofed website requires the planning and writing of content before the design takes place.

Rather than designing a website and constraining yourself to fit content within your chosen template, this will offer better performance and flexibility for the future. Searching for and buying a template website that you like the look of, and then making content fit, is both time consuming, inflexible and potentially damaging when it comes to maintenance and reliability.


Maintenance & reliability

Your website is much like a car. The more you pay the better the investment: better design, improved performance, efficiency and greater reliability.

More often than not, with a template website updates are required. These updates can cause problems, especially if you have third-party plugins installed.

Third-party plugins may no longer be maintained and in the case of WordPress, may not be or may no longer be supported in the latest Wordpress install/update.

Your site will more than likely become broken, providing a bad user experience and unsightly design to your potential customers. Not to mention the damage that it can do for your website’s rankings in Google.

Why would you risk your brand and online business reputation, importantly, why would you want to lose out on a higher number of leads and sales that a bespoke and tailored website solution can provide you?

Are template websites worth the investment?

Are they worth the time and money? Sometimes yes, perhaps for small startups, but bare in mind the ongoing maintenance costs and look out for poorly developed code that just may ruin your website’s chances of outperforming your competitors.

Are you still considering a FREE or template website?

Ok, no problem, below are links to various online template website solutions should you wish to go it alone. Please bear in mind, however, that there are additional costs involved if you go down this road:

  • Domain registration
  • Hosting
  • Template purchase (or FREE if you choose this option)
  • Installation of website
  • Monthly/yearly maintenance
  • Cost to fix or update the website
  • Improvements to the website (can be very costly)
  • Payment facility integration

in summary

You get what you pay for with template websites, some are good, some aren’t. If you’re serious about your brand and business then our advice is to get a professional bespoke website solution. Don't skimp on a free or low cost template website or even attempt to do it yourself if you’re unsure of what you are doing. It really could damage your online brand and business and eventually cost you more in both time and money in the long run.

Get it right first time, start your website project with 5and3 today

Award-winning experts

5 Star Reviews on Google

Rob Gentry

Chris and his team at 5and3 instantly understood our requirements, they developed our concept and produced outstanding work within the timescales required. It feels like 5and3 are an extension to our company rather than a contractor. Having a single source for my branding, digital marketing, website and business systems integration needs makes my life easier. With 5and3 It just works, I would without doubt recommend their services and can see why they have won numerous awards for their work.

James Christian

I personally cannot recommend 5and3, Chris , Simon and their team highly enough. I have worked with them for seven years, they are passionate about design, but also have the technical knowledge to make your website work for you.

Craig Trowse

I can not recommend highly enough Chris, Simon and the whole team at 5 and 3 for there excellent work creating my new website. They have been a pleasure working with from the 1st meeting through to completion of the website. I'm thrilled with the final product and wish the whole team great success for the future. I won't hesitate in recommending the professional, team to anyone who needs help promoting their business. Thanks again Craig

Andrew Moore

A slightly different testimonial on 5&3 as I was working for them with a client, but I wanted to tell you about the results they produced for that client. The work I produced was used in a brochure and the branding for the company in question and the product they showed me was outstanding. The way the pictures and video were integrated into the branding of the company showed a highly professional and creative process that I have come to expect from 5 & 3 as an award winning company. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending 5 & 3 and will do so in the future.

Joe Arnold

I have been using the services of Chris Heighton for over 10 years. I can honestly say he is one of the most genuine people I know. His designs are brilliant. He also takes the time to listen and understand the brief. He is now fully versed on life as a Chartered Surveyor, and I know he loves the property industry. The 5and3 team have recently undertaken a full rebrand and website build. The branding included all stationery, marketing collateral and also specialist wall paper, window art and pictures for our new head office. It looks stunning. They fully manage our SEO and online presence. In the last 12 months we have doubled our instructions. I have also introduced 5and3 to several friends and customers (as long as they don’t conflict!). Keep away you surveyors he is mine! 😁 Anyway. 100% use 5and3. They are amazing. You never know, you may end up snowboarding with Chris like I did if you are lucky! Nostravia!

Andy Edwards

I've been working with 5and3 since 2009 and have been impressed by their enthusiasm and energy for the projects they work on. Precision Technology Supplies use their services for Branding, Brochure Design, Web Styling and many other related areas. We wouldn't use any else.

Jon Hodges

5and3 have been our main marketing and development solutions provider for over 10 years now. They’ve produced, for me and my sales team, various marketing collateral from brochures to technical data sheets photography to presentations, posters to exhibition displays, website design, development including server-side solutions. The team are very approachable, hardworking and always prepared to deliver last minute. They have no problem delivering creative or technical solutions for demanding multimillion revenue organisations.

Phil Gimmock

Great service, fast response and good design ideas for our brochure, highly recommended.

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